2017 Golf Schedule

2017 Golf Schedule

2017 Master Schedule

War Par Tee - September 21-23rd

We are excited to announce the 2017 War Par Tee. Whether you are a first time participant or a longtime entrant, it is our pleasure to show off Our Club at its Best.
We will once again return to the Two-Person Modified Quota format being played on our River Course, designed by George Fazio as well as the Lakes Course, designed by Don Sechrest. This unique opportunity will be sure to test all facets of the tournament player’s game.
Participation in this year’s War Par Tee is where we are focusing the most effort. While we encourage you to bring a guest or prospective member, we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to PARTCIPATE. This year we will be allowing each of you to bring up to 3 teams. That means you can form three teams with any combination of Member/Member or Member/Guest that you would like. The event will also be open to all Indian Springs Members including Social and Tennis to play as well as members from Muskogee Country Club. 

Bring in or email complete entry forms to BBenton@indianspringsclub.com


ROB (Retired Old Boys) is a group of retired or semi-retired men participating in monthly tournaments to make friends and enjoy a round of competitive golf. Fun tournaments are held monthly, March through November, with the stroke play Championship in October. All play is handicapped making it fair for all participants and encouraging participation. The yearly dues are $40 per year. Anyone anticipating being able to play only a few events may elect to pay $20 to join and play in their first event.
2017 ROB Schedule
Par Tee at the Springs
August 17-19
The Club at Indian Springs is hosting the annual Par Tee at the Springs, Theme Coming Soon!
Your Par Tee at the Springs Committee has been working very hard to make this a fun tournament for everyone! We appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you there!

2017 Partee at The Springs Invitation       2017 Partee at The Springs Entry Form - Coming Soon!
ACURA ClubCorp Champions Classic - September 10-14th Pinehurst, NC
As a ClubCorp affiliate facility we have the privilege of taking teams to the ACURA ClubCorp Champions Classic. This year the National Event will be held at Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, NC. In this event our members have the opportunity to qualify as a team to represent Indian Springs along with one of our golf professionals. For complete information please go to http://www.clubcorp.com/Tournaments/Tournaments/Acura-ClubCorp-Champions-Classic 

The fee for the qualifier is $80 per person for each qualifier (including the finals). This money goes toward paying for the first place team’s entry, left over money will be applied to the second place team’s entry. The entry includes a practice round and 3 tournament rounds, lodging, meals, and tee gifts. Travel will be up to the individual players.

Indian Springs Qualifying Dates
Q1 Mar 18th         River                 10am Tee Times
Q2 April 1st          Lakes               10am Tee Times
Q3 May 6th          River                10am Tee Times
Q4 June 17th        Lakes               10am Tee Times
Finals Q 15-16th   Both Courses    10am Tee Times

Indian Springs Team Challenge - TBD

Both Courses 8:30 Tee Times

This new event brings back the Pinehurst (Drop Out) Scramble. The team can consist of any 4 members or their spouses. The total team handicap must be equal to or greater than 43, you may have 1 player under 7.5 index and only 2 players less than 10. Seniors may play a forward tee based on their age and their handicap, and all ladies will be eligible to play the most forward tees.